Historic Aquia Creek E-123

Historical Marker Research
The first known permanent English Roman Catholic settlers in Virginia, Giles Brent, his sister Margaret, and other family members, emigrated here from Maryland by 1650. In May 1861, Confederates built artillery batteries on the bluffs overlooking Aquia Landing at the creek’s mouth on the Potomac River. An early clash between U.S. Naval vessels and Confederate land batteries took place here, 30 May and 1 June 1861. After the Confederates withdrew in March 1862, the U.S. Army established a huge supply depot there. The Federals burned and abandoned it on 7 June 1863. The landing again served as a Union depot in 1864. [2003]

Extended Research
Aquia Creek, located in northern Stafford county, Virginia, was the site of the first Roman Catholic Settlement in Virginia and the site of important Civil War battles. See Aquia Landing and The First Roman Catholic Settlement in Virginia Historical Marker sites and extended historical background for more information.

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