Mud Tavern E-32

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Mud Tavern E-32 Mud Tavern was the old name of this place. Six miles east, at Guinea Station, Stonewall Jackson died, May 10, 1863. In the campaign of 1864, Ewell’s and Longstreet’s corps of Lee’s army, coming from Spotsylvania Courthouse, here turned south, May 21, 1864. Lee fell back to the North Anna River as Grant swung around to the east.

Extended Research
mudtavernhm.jpg After receiving information that the Federals were changing the location of their base, General Lee decided to move his troops accordingly. He ordered Lt. General Richard Ewell to march east towards Telegraph Road and turn south onto it (Matter 339). The turning point for Ewell’s troops was located at Mud Tavern (modern day Thornsburg). Mud Tavern is located a mile south of Stanard’s Mill. At the same time Federal forces were moving, and originally General Warner’s division was set to head south down Telegraph and to turn at Stanard’s Mill towards Guinea Station. Warren was ordered to change his route much sooner and the lead troops changed route and went east much sooner. Had General Warren’s route had not been changed, surely the Confederate and Federal forces would have seen each other from such a short distance away. This could have led to a much earlier collision of the two forces and could have affected the outcome of the battle.

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For Further Reference
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