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Other Digital History Projects

If you are interested in the other three Digital History seminar projects you can visit their sites as well.

James Farmer Project
This group focused on the life and achievements of James Farmer, Civil Rights activist and late Professor at the University of Mary Washington. They capture the essence of this empowering man through quotations, video, an extensive biography, and countless photographs.

The Alumni Project
This group spent their time interviewing various alumni of the University of Mary Washington. They produced an outstanding site where you can add your own biography if you are an alumn. They also have an extensive timeline of the school’s history, which is particularly suitable given that the University is currently celebrating its centennial year (1908-2008).

James Monroe Project
Last, but not least, is the James Monroe Group. They created two separate sites, one for the James Monroe Papers and the other was a creation all their own, and can be found here. The second site focuses on Monroe’s trip to France and what business he undertook during that portion of his life.


We would like to thank everyone who helped us make this project a reality. First of all, thank you to all of our guest lecturers and various technological help from Patrick Gosetti-Murrayjohn, Jerry Slezak, Jim Groom, Professor Tim O’Donnell, and Dr. Dan Preston. A very special thanks to our favorite University of Mary Washington Reference Librarian, Jack Bales, for putting up with the five of us asking for research help, and actually finding even the most obscure Markers. Very special thanks as well to Frank O’Reilly, an Historian for the National Park Service and expert on the Fredericksburg Campaign, for loaning us books that proved invaluable for the research of many markers.

Also, thank you to all the sites that have acknowledged our work and allowed us to link to them: J. J. Pratts and Dawn Bowen at the Historical Marker Database; Randy Jones at the Department of Historic Resources; and the Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park. And last but not least, thank you Professor McClurken for going out on a limb and teaching a practical seminar that we won’t soon forget.

Amy, Elle, Jennifer, Shannon, & Whitney

Historical Marker Group
Digital History Seminar, Spring 2008

Finding the year erected

So the sites I’ve been going to are (historical marker database) or

I checked and they don’t necessarily have the new ones listed.  A couple, such as Pocahontas (2001) are listed, but other markers appear to be more recent than when the site was updated.

My suggestion is to contact the VA DHR.  From the DHR historical marker FAQ page:

If you have questions or need additional information, contact Randall Jones (804-367-2323, ext. 117) or Francine Archer (804-367-2323, ext. 120).

More Markers

I think the division of the newly discovered markers sounds good.  I’ll be glad to take the Fredericksburg Campaign one.  Elle, I have a couple books you might like for the Spotsylvania Courthouse one.

I’m sorry I haven’t been able to finish seven markers so far, but I’ll definitely be spending a lot of time on all of them over break.